Thank you for being interested in the No1. adventure park in Croatia. We are open every day from 9.00 to 17.00. If you wish to climb then please arrive before 15.00. The best experience is had by those who arrive in the morning, this is a very big park and most people are here a minimum of 4 hours. We are extremely safe and a wonderful experience will be had by all.
Occasionally we are not in the park during working hours, please just call 00385 91 896 4525 and we will be with you in minutes.
See you here :-)


Climbing in Glavani Park

One day in Glavani Park

One day in Glavani Park

If you are wondering about a typical day in Glavani Park, you need to read this article until the end. There are three reasons you will find this interesting; 1. our daily procedures, 2. what will you do and 3. where to go after your high ropes adventure. So, enjoy reading Our daily procedures.
In the early morning, between 8am and 9am, staff come to the Park and immediately check all the games. If we can see something wrong we will try to fix it before 9am, when we open our doors. After that we lay the harnesses out on the terrace ready for fitting, clean everything and await the customers.When customers arrive we try to meet them immediately and to give them a warm welcome and a little introduction to the park, so as they know what to expect. The prices of the park games are given and the customers can do as much or as little as they decide.
There is also the option to pay in advance for the basic park (yellow, blue and black routes) or the complete park on our website. We aim not to keep anyone waiting or uninformed. We do not have booking times or strict arrival times.When the customers are ready – then we put the harnesses on and we are ready for training on ground level and then on the yellow training / kids level.
We are still watching them all the time they are climbing however many routes they complete.We always offer drinks and ice-creams, especially when taking a rest, or at the end of the adventure when, many times, Nigel, Nevenko or another member of the park staff are there to relate the story of their life here or previously, with a bottle of beer, a taste of home-made rakia or a coffee.At the very end we say our goodbyes and wish all a wonderful vacation and we hope to see everyone again:-) this holiday or next.

What will you doWhen you come to Glavani Park you will usually see one of our workers coming towards you and wishing you a warm welcome. You will hear a lot about the park, what games we offer and what can you do here. Kids usually run to see the animals (dogs and cats). When you feel ready to start you come to the terrace and we will fit you.
During training you will learn about the equipment and how to climb, of course you may have been to other parks before but we like to be sure you understand our ways. You will learn what we mean by yellow tape and white tape and what you must do when you see them.After training you start climbing on the yellow route; this is ideal for training too as we can make sure you’ve understood everything and you pick up confidence before going up high. After the yellow level you will begin the blue route and, after completing the 113m zipline at the end, the black route.(there are some tricky games, so be careful :))
Of course, because you end the blue route down at ground level, you can take a break, drink something or eat ice-cream, maybe use the toilet, before starting on the black route.When you are finished with the black route, again on the 113m zipline and down to ground level, you will proceed to the bridge. This includes the biggest zip line (flying fox, omega, tyrolean), 120m long and, in the middle, 20m above the ground. 
We are sure you will enjoy it. It also goes faster than the others and everyone agrees it’s the best!Now you are almost at the end. You can proceed with the bridge, its big skateboard run, its unicycle, 35 metres long, 12 metres above the valley floor, the most difficult gameto pass hence why we can’t let the little kids go, or persons over 100 kg (sorry), or you can come down to ground level again.On the bridge you must follow our instructions otherwise you will not finish it. We give you one to one instructions from the valley side.After the bridge you will proceed to the most amazing swing you’ve ever had. Up to 3 persons can go on the big swing at the same time.
Once fitted we will pull you up to 11m high by electric winch and then you will need to pull the rope to release yourselves – – – – screaming begins before the realization that this is the perfect feeling. Everyone must try this however scary it may be! Satisfaction is seen on all faces!When you are finished with the Park, this can be the whole day, you will have the most wonderful smile on your face! Everyone has.
Where to go afterwards? Are you hungry? Sure you are. We sometimes have BBQs at the park, you can order a pizza takeaway to be delivered here or you can bring your own food. OR you can go eating in one of our recommended places. If you want some more adventure like horse riding, go to Ranch Barba Tone, 5 min from Glavani Park, in Manjadvorci or organise quad biking or jeep trips with Istra Adventure in the nearby village of Draguzeti. 

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