Thank you for being interested in the No1. adventure park in Croatia. We are open every day from 9.00 to 17.00. If you wish to climb then please arrive before 15.00. The best experience is had by those who arrive in the morning, this is a very big park and most people are here a minimum of 4 hours. We are extremely safe and a wonderful experience will be had by all. Please keep your social distancing with other families and groups while you are in our park, all activities are outside in the fresh air. See you here :-)


Ljudski katapult - atrakcija broj 1

"Iskreno, najmanje strašna i najuzbudljivija igra  koju sam ikada isprobao. Ubrzanje je fenomenalno, let je neopisiv. Ne postoji bilo kakav nagli trzaj. Smijem se već dva dana. ZAISTA POSEBNO." Saznajte više o ovoj igri

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