We are open every day from 9.00 to 18.00. If you wish to climb then please arrive before 16.00. We are disinfecting hands and equipment all the time and wearing facemasks when we fit your harnesses. We are extremely safe and a wonderful experience will be had by all. Please keep your social distancing with other families and groups while you are in our park. See you here :-)


Pacchetto Parco Glavani - bambini sotto i 10 anni

Pacchetto Parco Glavani - bambini sotto i 10 anni

200,00 kn

(26,67 EUR)
After the training on the ground, you will go on the first level, yellow route, on 2 m in height. On that route you will learn all the basics and you will be able to go to the blue and black routes. On every route you will have couple of zip lines, but at the end of blue and black is 113m long zip line. When you finish, you can climb again only on the zip line and repeat it, without extra costs. After that you will go on the longest zip line, 20 metres from the ground. After the zip line you will pass the most difficult part of the park, the bridge. When you finish it, you can go again on the longest zip line. At the very end, you can enjoy the big swing (two times)

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