Thank you for being interested in the No1. adventure park in Croatia. We are open every day from 9.00 to 17.00. If you wish to climb then please arrive before 15.00. The best experience is had by those who arrive in the morning, this is a very big park and most people are here a minimum of 4 hours. We are extremely safe and a wonderful experience will be had by all.
Occasionally we are not in the park during working hours, please just call 00385 91 896 4525 and we will be with you in minutes.
See you here :-)


Zip line + Devil's causeway with the unicycle

Zip line + Devil's causeway with the unicycle

When you are finished with the yellow, blue and black routes, it's time to go on the devil’s causeway including the longest and highest zip line and the bridge including the unicycle.

The zip line is for everyone because it's really simple to reach and our best zip line by far, whilst the bridge can be challenging for some. You have the option not to continue onto the bridge. For example - if you are heavier than 95kg or not tall enough to reach the pedals of the unicycle (you can still walk on the wire) this game may not be for you.  

How to reach the zip line? You will enjoy an 80 metre zip line from the black route or, alternatively, a small ladder on to the ramp where you will climb steps up to the first small zip line after which you will walk the easy bridge to the main tower. Then you will climb up to the top of the tower (6 steps). From this platform you can see the entire park. 

Ready? Set. Go! Here starts the 120m long zip line. You will go fast, you will enjoy. At the other end you can see the blue mattress where you will stop with your feet. Before you reach it, you will slow down a little bit. You can repeat this 10 seconds of fun as many times as you want. Now you need to go down the ladders and decide if you want to continue on to the bridge or climb all the way down. 

If you continue with the bridge, before you reach the unicycle, you will need to ride the skateboard, a little bit faster, bigger and longer than the one on the black route, and then the wooden slat bridge that you will run over. From now on you need to listen to the instructor.  
The unicycle is the most difficult part of the park. You may first need to adjust the saddle height before sitting on it. With your left hand you need to hold the vertical rope connected with your carabiners, and with your right hand you need to hold tightly under the front of the saddle to balance yourself. Now you need to pedal as fast as possible. Don't give up. If you follow the instructions you will pedal all the way or almost all the way. After this game you have a slackline and one simple "Japanese” bridge.
At the end you can take the longest zip line again or you can try an even better zip line. Shorter but faster and stops you just before you crash in to the post with an elastic braking system.  A lot of fun and challenging for everyone this part of the park. 
The giant swing is the best game to do after the bridge

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