Thank you for being interested in the No1. adventure park in Croatia. We are open every day from 9.00 to 17.00. If you wish to climb then please arrive before 15.00. The best experience is had by those who arrive in the morning, this is a very big park and most people are here a minimum of 4 hours. We are extremely safe and a wonderful experience will be had by all.
Occasionally we are not in the park during working hours, please just call 00385 91 896 4525 and we will be with you in minutes.
See you here :-)


Blue route - 6 metres in height

When you have completed the yellow 2 metre level you will be shown the start of the Blue level.
The Blue level must be completed if you wish to go on to the bridge with the unicycle.
Firstly you will climb up the vertical log which is 5 meters high, then you will pass the simple stepping bridge.
After the bridge you have a choice: You can pass the physically more difficult and longer part or you can go on the psychologically more difficult part. Both games start and finish at the same platforms.
Let's say you went on the longer one (7 years old or above). You need to connect your carabiners inside the ropes and then sidewalk about 15 meters around wooden obstacles. This is downhill, but the next game is uphill. This is also a sidewalk but between the wooden obstacles holding the ropes until you reach the platform.
If you decide to go on the shorter game, you will need to walk on the wire holding on the side ropes for around 10 meters. You need to hold your balance and, if you can, don't think that you are 6 meters above the ground. Most people find this game most difficult to pass psychologically so success means you will complete the blue level. 

If you have any problems our staff will always help you.
The fun starts here.
Your next game is easy. Walking on the zig-zag logs, putting your feet in the centre of them. After this game you have simple bridge and 7 meters long net. Perfect for relaxing your muscles.

Zip Line

You are now ready for the first, longer, zip line. 20 meters long, 6 metres in height, but not too fast. It's good preparation for the next games and longer zip lines.

The most important thing is to relax, sit and enjoy the slide. At the end you need to grab hold of the safety wire. Good job lol


The next game is also a simple one walking on the 4 horizontal logs. You will need to have a little bit of balance.


So now the trapeze, sitting down on a trapeze attached to a zip line. Super fun game where you need to hold yourself as if you are on a swing.


The next two games are just  sidewalking games. We think you will get a little bit tired here but the 113 m long zip line is coming as a prize at the end.


First big platform

Finally you will reach the bigger platform. Please, stay connected onto the wires, for some reason people feel safe on bigger platforms. When you see the distance to the end of the zip line you will not feel comfortable, but 99% of our guests says 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW'.


When you start zipping you will feel the wind in your hair, the whizz of the roller, the rush of the adrenaline and when you reach the end you will have the great feeling in your body and you will want to repeat this game.


Well, first step, before repeating that zip line, is a second zip line that will take you down to the ground. This is the last game of the blue level in Glavani Park.


After the blue route you can go on the black route.

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